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Wooden Kid Bunk BedChildren Double Bunk Bed Cheap Bed Wholesale

Four Repair Skills of Solid Wood Children's Furniture

Solid wood children's furniture has always been with us. Solid wood children's furniture will not be outdated at any time, but the solid wood children's furniture we often use will be damaged due to lack of maintenance. Children's furniture brand Maxky tells you about four repair tips for solid wood children's furniture repair.
Scratch treatment
When the solid wood furniture takes a long time, cracks will appear which affects the overall beauty of the solid wood furniture. If the crack in the solid wood furniture is small, the sawdust powder can be directly filled in the crack. The color of the sawdust powder can be colorized according to the color of the solid wood furniture. Such solid wood furniture is also relatively convenient to repair and has obvious effects. If the crack is large, it can be split into several parts on both sides of the crack with a small knife. The smaller the better, the original crack will become smaller. Finally, the large crack and the small crack are basically the same, and then the sawdust powder is filled. Such solid wood children's furniture repairs are more beautiful and natural.
Repair burn marks
Solid wood children's furniture is more likely to cause burn marks than other furniture, and cigarette butts are the main source of burnt marks on solid wood furniture. Then when our solid wood furniture lacquer is burning, we can use a fine cloth hard cloth on the matchstick or toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a thin layer of wax, the scorch marks can be faded, with transparent The nail polish is thinly applied to the burn marks and the effect is better. This is a very common method of repairing solid wood furniture.
Color change repair
White is a favorite color of most friends, so the white solid wood furniture industry has become the first choice for many families. However, white solid wood furniture is easy to stain and discolor. If it is because of the long time, the discoloration can be wiped with a dry rag and toothpaste. Be careful not to use excessive force. Wipe it gently or mix the two egg yolks. The soft brush is evenly applied to the yellowed area. After drying, carefully wipe it with a soft cloth. If the furniture is stained, it is more difficult to repair the solid wood furniture. We can pour the white vinegar into the appropriate amount of water, wipe the oil on the wooden furniture with a sponge damp mixture, then wash and dry.
Daily maintenance
In order to preserve the beauty of solid wood children's furniture, proper maintenance methods are essential. Wipe the surface of the solid wood furniture with a towel and soapy water, and then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture, which can effectively prevent the stain from adhering to the surface of the furniture and maintain the bright luster of the furniture itself. Solid wood furniture should try to avoid the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, resulting in cracks in solid wood furniture. Try to keep a certain distance from the heating to prevent the furniture from being baked and deform the solid wood furniture. It is often waxed to avoid the wear and tear of solid wood furniture and to preserve the color of solid wood furniture.