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kids bunk bed

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent design process based on 3D models that provides architects, engineers, and professionals with procedures and tools to design, build, and manage buildings and infrastructures more efficiently.

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More than just a file

BIM MAXKY content contains all the information needed by designers and builders: coded 3D models, technical, functional and performance data, materials, 4D data (temporal), 5D (accounting), 6D (sustainability), 7D (maintenance and disposal plans), and much more. All included in a model ready to be inserted into a project and laid out into building specifications

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Smart and shared design

A set of different intelligent objects makes up a BIM MAXKY project. Architects and consultants working together on the same project (both online) can share a BIM MAXKY project. BIM MAXKY is actually a method of collaborative design that allows to integrate the information needed in each design phase into one single model.

Still no BIM MAXKY content of your products?

Easy, we take care of everything, from design to online publication!

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kids bunk bed

The MAXKY Design Team at your service

Find out how easy it is to publish the MAXKY libraries of your products with our Design Team support. A team of experts will handle everything, from the analysis of your requirements to the executive design of the files according to high quality standards, to publication on MAXKY products, such as kids bunk bed.

Reach thousands registered professionals

Your design content in the best architecture and construction projects

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More visibility for your products

Take advantage of the power of two product catalogues working together for the price of one. The simultaneous publication on MAXKY and online shipment cost increases the visibility of your products exponentially, at no extra cost. The BIM content is linked to MAXKY product sheets, for the greatest online dissemination.

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More qualified contacts for your business network

In order to get your successful project products, designers must necessarily fill in a form and enter all their relevant contact data, thus generating a qualified lead. The more products published on MAXKY, the bigger the growth potential of your database of qualified designers, the greater the business opportunities for your project work.